Tomb Raider Atlantean Scion Walkthrough and Game Guide
Featuring All Secrets and Hidden Rewards and packed with Screenshots

Level 1: Caves

The level opens with an FMV. Lara and her guide walk through the snowy mountains of Peru. They find a set of double stone doors which are closed and after examining the symbols at the top Lara uses a grappling hook to get to the ledge above. She climbs to the top and presses one of the symbols. The doors open and the guide is attacked by four wolves. Lara cuts the rope, drawing her pistols at the same time, and shoots the wolves but is too late to save her guide. She realizes he is dead and goes through the doors alone. They close behind her and she takes a quick look back. She takes off her glasses and from her glance we realize that her adventure has just begun.

Run through the cave, following the footsteps. When you pass the stone block on the left hand wall, take a moment to examine the slits in the walls. Darts will come from them when you move forward and if one hits you, you will lose health. You can either start running/ jumping over the darts, or walk slowly, triggering the darts and using the Look button to dodge them. Continue through the cave and if you have your weapons holstered, Lara will look up at the opening on the left hand wall.

1st Secret - Before heading up there, proceed to the end and take note of the angled block and the opening in the cave roof at the far left. Stand against the back of the block and jump up to grab it. Pull up, slide a bit and jump to grab the edge of the opening. Or, stand beneath the opening, back-flip onto the angled block and keep pressing the Jump button along with Action to grab the edge. Pull up and pick up the Small Medi Pack. Then return back to the opening you bypassed earlier.

Climb up the blocks of the opening and draw weapons. As you move forwards, three bats will attack. Kill them.

2nd Secret - Before going to the other side of the cave, turn left and enter the cavern. Notice the opening up on the right hand wall? Stand on the left, where the snow bank is higher and jump up to grab the edge. (Press Up and Action. Lara will not grab the edge if you press Jump. Thanks to Simulation for the reminder.) Pull up and kill the bat that guards the Small Medi Pack. Pick up the Medi Pack and return back.

Go on with your business and follow the other part of the cave. Go through the opening to reach an area with greenery. At the far left you will find a large opening in the floor. Drop through it and use the switch to open the door. Enter and kill the bat here. Climb on the blocks at the far left and pull up into the upper room. Follow the passage to reach an area with two wooden bridges.

Room with two wooden bridges - Two wolves are lurking below. Kill them from here. Now you can either take a running jump and grab the ledge next to the first bridge or use the walkway and go around, crossing the first bridge. Then cross the second one and go through the opening. If you accidentally fall down, use one of the various spots where you can climb back up. One is the ledge with the mummy thing statue and another is the low block beneath the right hand side of the first bridge (right, if the entrance is to your back).

Area with bear - You come across a pit with a bear at the bottom. Draw weapons and kill it from above. If Lara cannot aim at it, take a running jump to the opposite side, turn around and once Lara aims at it, shoot it. It requires just a few shots. Then drop into the pit and go through the opening. Kill the two bats that attack. The stone door opens when you step on the carved tile. First pick up the Small Medi Pack, then step on the tile again and quickly go through the door that closes after a few seconds. You find yourself at the bottom of the room with the two bridges. Go to the far right, where the mummy statue is and climb up to the upper ledge. Cross the bridge and return back to the area with the bear pit.

Take a running jump to the opposite side and pick up the Small Medi Pack from the far left and behind the pillars. (The PS players will also find a Save Crystal in this area.) Go down the steps with your weapons drawn. When you pass through the greenish opening, two wolves will come. Start shooting whilst jumping backwards. If it is too hard for you, turn around and run back up the steps. Then take a running jump to the side you came from and kill the wolves from safety.

Area with greenery and timed double doors - Go down the steps and proceed ahead.

3rd Secret - Do not go down the right hand steps yet. Proceed to the end where the pillars are and notice the greenish square ledge jutting out from the wall (see this screenshot if you cannot find the ledge). Take a running jump there and go through the opening. Pick up the Large Medi Pack and return back.

Just beneath the entrance, you will find a Small Medi Pack in an alcove. Pick it up then climb up the blocks to the switch. This opens the double doors on the left, but they are on a timer. There are several methods you can reach the doors and here is one: Use the switch, by standing a bit to the left of it (as shown here). Press the Look button to break the camera and side-flip on the lower ledge to the left. Turn left and take a running jump with NO Action. That way you will land on the ledge above. If you side-flip and land on the ground just next to the lower ledge, do not hesitate to turn left and climb on it. You have plenty of time in order to complete the process.

Once you pass through the doors, go up the steps, but stop when you reach the second flight. Walk on the steps to trigger the darts, then carefully pass them. In the next room a wolf will come from the back left. Take care of it. Jump over the decrepit floor to crash it, then drop into the room below. Go around the perimeter of the room, jumping over the gap. When you approach the Large Medi Pack, a wolf will emerge from the far right opening. Kill it, pick up the Medi Pack and go into the passage where the wolf came from. Flip the switch to open the doors on the lower area, return back and slide down to the passage next to the doors. Do not go to the other end of the passage. It is protected by darts and there is nothing over there anyway. Go through the doors to end the level.


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