Tomb Raider (2013) Walkthrough and Game Guide
Includes Achievements

Part 01 - Survive

Lara Croft's world has been turned upside down, literally. The player will emerge from the opening cinematic with body bound hanging from the ceiling of a candelit cave. Get prepared for the first of many interactive challenges. Using the controller or A and D on the keyboard, swing Lara Croft left and right until she builds up enough momentum to hit the sack of blooded remains to her right. The remains will ignite on a nearby row of candles, breaking the rope supporting them. A few moments later the remains will smash through the splintered wooden floor below. A cross section of beam will ignite in the process. It's time to rock Lara back and forth for a second time until her bound legs hit the cross-beam, where the rope and parts of her clothing will ignite. Fortunately, Lara Croft will not be engulfed in flames. At least.. not yet.

The ropes around Lara's legs will burn and splinter and a gruesome fall onto a spike below will ensue. After hitting the damp ground, mash E repeatedly to free Lara.

Follow the short passageway until a candlelit opening with a corpse as the main feature. Bear right and before entering another passageway collect your first item, a torch, by pressing and holding E on the keyboard. Congratulations, new gear acquired! Continue along the passageway until you reach a blockage. Lean in and press and hold E to ignite the blockage. An icon on the screen will indicate when the action is successful. Wait for the obstruction to burn completely and then proceed.

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