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Checking at Parisian Ghetto (after talking to either Pierre or Bernard)

(Note: The notes that were initially given by Werner are beneath the gray line. New notes are in blue.)

Find Cafe Metro in Place d'Arcade. (Janice)

Find Bouchard's club Le Serpent Rouge. (Info by the City guide)

Find Bouchard's new premises. (Janice)

Find Bernard, ex-Janitor at the club. (Janice)

Contact cafe owner, Pierre, ex-barman at the club. (Janice)

Retrieve the "Box" at Serpend Rouge. In broken lighting rig. (By talking to either Pierre or Bernard)


Eckhardt - client. Be wary!

Louis Bouchard. Useful contact - purchased handgun. Discretion assured.

Terrified to go out. Monstrum terrorissing the streets.

Tried contacting Lara again in London. Still not forgiven me for Egypt.

Obscura Paintings: five 15th century works of Black alchemic magic. All lost, hidden by the Lux Veritatis.

Five Obscura Engravings - drawn copies of the Paintings. Contain encrypted maps of each Painting's location?

Mathias Vasiley in Prague. Has sent me four Obscura Engravings. He kept the fifth Engraving back. Wants more money.

Deciphered the encryptd map in Vasiley's Engravings. One of the Paintings is beneath the Louvre. Where the latest archaeological digs are.

Carvier says she has a security pass for the digs in her office.

A metallic symbol is hidden beneath surface of each painting. Check with Carvier about X-Ray facilities in Louvre?

Lux Veritatis - "Light of Truth". A secret 12th century Order of warrior monks who hid the Obscura Paintings in the 1400's.

Said to posses the three Periapt Shards - artifacts of power, crystalline shards shaped like spearheads - "weapons of light" !!??

Lux Veritatis try to suppress the Cabal of the Black Alchemist from the 1300's onwards.

Lux Veritatis - links to Nephilim???

Nephilim - from ENOCHIAN gospels. Cursed hybrid offspring of angels and humans. Exterminated in biblical times.

Related prophecy: "Through the Golden Lion the Nephilim will enslave the sons of man and inherit the Earth".

The Sleepr or Cubiculum Nephili - literally "sleeping cask" or "chamber". Thought to be the last intact specimen of the Nephilim race. Supposedly buried in Anatolia, TURKEY.

The Sanglyph - some artifact of alchemic power? Linked to the Black Alchemist in 1400's. Details scarce.

The two missing symbols are hidden close by the buttress.


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