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Level 18: Galleries Under Siege

* Lara gains the ability to sprint.

Lara returns back to the Louvre, and she is ready to visit Werner's apartment. Eckhardt's men have reached the place. Deal with them and find a Respirator to survive from their gas bombs.

Go up the stairs ahead and turn left. Enter the door on the right hand side and continue forward up to the next set of stairs. Shoot the guard and pick up the Vector-R35 Clip he drops. There is nothing interesting in the gallery, so keep going upstairs.

The cut scene shows a guard patrolling in the gallery with Mona Lisa. Gunderson's men break into the Louvre and throw gas bombs through the ducts killing the guard. Gunderson orders his men to move out, as they have their targets.

[Note (contains spoilers) - From this point, you need to be quick and find a Respirator because of the gas bombs Gunderson's men threw in the Louvre. Until you finish the level, you will encounter many guards. Avoid killing them in stealth mode as you do not have much time and make sure you shoot them with a powerful weapon (especially if this is your first time through the game). Do not hesitate to lose ammo, as you begin the next level weaponless.]

Kill the guard in the next hallway and get his Vector-R35 Clip. Follow the hallway and open the door. Lara says she cannot breathe and the camera shows the Respirator you need to take. Turn left and kill the guard. You can kill him stealthily, as he has his back to you, but you do not have much time for this. Get his Mag Vega Gun and continue through the doorway next to him. If you follow the other doorway, you will encounter one more guard that drops nothing and hear Lara saying that she needs to find a Respirator. Do that if you are interested in all kills.

Run past the gallery. Kill the guard that slides down a rope from the ceiling and get the Mag Vega Clip he drops. If you want all the kills, return back to the previous gallery and kill one more guard. Exit the gallery through the door. Turn left and shoot the guard who is standing close to the stairs. Pick up the Mag Vega Clip he drops, go up the stairs and open the door at the top.

Kill the next guard in the hallway and open the first blue door on the right hand side. Head to the glassed door and open the cabinet to get the Respirator. Use it by selecting it from your inventory. Lara can now breathe but you have to check your green breath bar periodically, as it is getting low. When you get the Respirator, Lara gains the ability to sprint by using the Look button whilst running.

Exit the room and notice the metal lockers on the left. Open the right hand one to get some Health Pills. Exit to the hallway and go to the left. Just before reaching the door you came from, the camera shows you another door unlocking. Open the door you came from and go down the stairs. Kill two more guards. The door that was unlocked before is on your left. Open it to enter a gallery and kill the guard that slides down the rope. Exit following the either left or right opening and kill another guard. Finally, kill the last guard at the bottom of the stairs. Go down the next stairs the either left or right. There is a door on the right hand side that leads to the ladies room, but there is nothing interesting in there. Enter the gallery on the left to end the level.

The cut scene shows Lara sneaking in the gallery when Kurtis approaches her from behind and disarms her. After a brief love scene (well, sort of), Gunderson and his men burst into the gallery and start shooting Lara and Kurtis. They both try to escape. Kurtis uses a kind of a telekinetic power to open a door and they finally make it. Kurtis is ahead and when Lara finds him he is unconscious. When she approaches him, someone hits her from behind and she gets unconscious too.

When Lara wakes, Kurtis is not there. Bouchard has already reached the place and when she asks him how he got there, he says he heard what happened from the police radio frequencies. Lara tells him that she needs to go to Von Croy's apartment and Bouchard offers to get her there. On their way, Bouchard tells Lara that another Monstrum killing has been done in Prague. When they reach Von Croy's apartment, Lara tells Bouchard that she wants to go in there alone. When she leaves, Bouchard uses his mobile phone and tells to someone that Lara is inside now and he can send the Cleaner.


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