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Level 14: Neptune's Hall

* You can force the knight fall through the hole, but since Lara does not actually kill him, we do not count him as a kill.

As soon as the level begins, proceed forward and to the either left or right to avoid the fireballs that the knight beyond throws through his sword. If you are hit by a fireball, you can either load your game or drop into the water in the second room. There are two V-Packer Cartridges in the first room. To get them without injury, you need to stun the knight once at a time. If you cannot get them now, you will have two more chances to get them on your way back.

(Knight trick - If you want to get rid of the knight and make him fall into the hole, proceed ahead and turn right. Do not hesitate at all when the level begins or the trick may not work. Approach the Cartridges in the right hand corner of the room. The knight will try to get you by making an open turn. This will make him fall into the hole. In the case he does not, he will most probably stand at the edge of the hole. Kick\ punch him to help him fall down.)

Go to the second room, being careful of the hole in the middle of the first room. It is a long drop down and you need to fill the room below with water, something that you will do right now. Drop into the water and swim down to an underwater room. Swim through the only arched doorway here, avoiding the blades in the entrance. You will probably pass through them easily, but if you are having troubles with them, swim between the two horizontal blades. Pull the underwater lever to fill with water an area you have not been in yet. Swim back through the hole you came from and climb out of the water. If you did not activate the knight trick, try to avoid him and drop into the hole of the first room that is now filled with water.

Circular room with water - If you examine the room, you will see a Large Health Pack behind the bars and you will get it in a while. There are three doorways in this room but you cannot reach them. Dive and swim through a small opening behind some plants. Pull the lever inside to raise the water level and swim back to surface. Now you can reach the three doorways. The rightmost (as you face them), above the opening you swam through before, contains a Vector-R35 Clip, the middle one contains a Large Health Pack and the third one leads you to a water opening in the floor. Go there.

Jump into the water. Swim down and forward to get the Large Health Pack in front of the bars. Continue swimming forward and then down through another opening. Get the Large Health Pack at the bottom and swim through the opening of the bars at the back of the tunnel in order to surface and get air. You may want to save your game here because there are spikes after the second Health Pack you got. The spikes are coming from every side of the tunnel and a current that takes Lara at the top of the tunnel does not help you to maneuver through the spikes. At least you have enough breath to make it across.

Tunnel with crossed spikes - Dive in the water, pass the opening through the bars and try to swim at the bottom left or right side of the tunnel. It is better if you swim close to the base of the spikes. When you pass through the opening of the bars, you can avoid the next spikes if you swim to the top left.

Turn right to the T-junction to surface and get some air. Swim back down and get the Vector-R35 Clip from the entrance of the tunnel (if you did not get it while entering). Keep swimming forward and down. Get the Water Crystal from the pedestal. When you get the Crystal the grating above opens. Swim down and pull the lever on the side of the pedestal to open a door in the area above. Swim to the top to get some air and then swim through the door you opened using the last lever.

You should recognize this room. Beyond you can see the first lever you pulled, so swim through the opening in the ceiling and climb out of the water at the end. If you did not get the Cartridges before, you can get them now (trying to avoid the knight once again if you did not activate the trick). Approach the big gate ahead to return to the Hall Of Seasons.


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