TRAOD Startup Configuration Utility
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Game Features
System Requirements

TRAOD SCU (Startup Configuration Utility) - DOWNLOAD HERE [2.7Mb]


TRAOD SCU (Startup Configuration Utility) is a simple way to gain access to all the extra features within Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness.

This page will introduce you to some of the key features and benifits, but for a complete list please refer to the help documentation that is installed with the program.

Game Features
All weapons and ammo
Once the game is started you will find the weapons menu has all the guns including twin Scorpion-X and Vector-R35 pistols, plus all the ammo you need. In order to enable this cheat, you need to tick All weapons and ammo option before starting the game.
Flying Lara
Tick the Debug keys option before starting the game. You can now Press B key to start Lara flying (well, swimming in air really).
You can move Lara through walls and locked doors and she cannot be shot. To finish press the Action key.
To remove the debug infomation see DebugKeys.
Access Secret Training Area

There is an inaccessable area of TRAOD that was originally going to form part of the initial training to teach the player some of Lara's moves as part of the story line. This has been locked away behind a door and has not been completed.

Start a new game with debugkeys checked. Walk past the dog and you come to a locked door. Press B key to start Lara flying and pass through the door. You are now in secret area. Press Action key to stop flying. To remove the debug infomation see DebugKeys.

You may install existing savegame into TRAOD folder by clicking on Install Secret Training Area Savegame shortcut located in Start > Program Files > TRAOD SCU folder.

Level Select

Tick the Play Level/Cutscene/FMV check box and then Play any level you like. You may also play any game cutscene in the same way.

Because on some systems (mostly Windows 98) TRAOD has some problems with playing FMV's, TRAOD SCU has integrated FMV player so you may play any FMV you like. If you want to enable FMV player controls, just tick Show Player Controls/Trackbar checkbox.

Lara Never Dies
Another feature of Lara flying is that she always returns back to full health even when she has just died. Press the B key and then Action and Lara is as fit as a fiddle again. Tick the Debug keys option before starting game.
Recording and replaying your game

First select the level you wish to record. You are then offered the option to save as a PAD, which is CORE's basic format and has to use the basic filename.

Alternatively you can use Bokkie's XPD format (TRAOD SCU eXtended Pad File) which allows you to specify the filename, remembers the settings used during the recording and compresses the file size.

Press Start Game to start recording. Press Alt F4 to finish.

Benchmarking Graphics Option

TRAoD has an inbuilt Graphics benchmarking routine that can be used to help configure your settings for optimal game play. The benchmark will run your graphic card at different resolution and modes while recording the average Frames per Second (FPS) achieved.

To run a standard benchmark demo you will need to follow the steps below.

Tick the Play Recorded Demo option and Browse for recorded demo to play (XPD file). Click on the Browse button and select one of the 4 pre-recorded benchmark files.

BenchMark1-Rooftops .xpd

Now tick Show Benchmark results. Select the Setup button and choose which resolutions and modes you wish to test. Press Okay when finished. See Installed Help for detailed information about the Results display.

Play Level/Cutscene/FMV
Select between playing a specific level, a particular cutscene or one of the FMV ( Full Motion Video) files.
For the FMV you can optionally turn on the player controls. Press Start Game to start the selected option.
Show game settings dialog
Loads the settings dialog before starting the game. Useful when playing with the game settings
Show Select Level Dialog
Displays the Games level selector before starting the game.
Skip FMV's
Disables all FMV files from being played
All Weapons and Ammo
This option allows you to gain access to huge amounts of ammo and all weapons including Dual Pistols. It also sets your Power Ups to level 10
Screen Mode
Select between full screen or Windowed. Override the game settings and select from a predefined list of screen resolutions.
Play Recorded Demo
Choose to play a recording in PAD or XPD format
Note: Some of the functions listed are only available if your graphics card supports the options.
B Flying Lara. Press Action to finish
F1 Windowed / Full screen
Shift F2 Turn the rain off
F3 Change debug information pages (press 7 times to clear all info)
F4 F4 Frame Rate Compression Off/On (toggle)
F5 Bumpmaps (toggle)
Shift F5 Metal (toggle)
CTRL F5 Post Process (toggle)
F6 Environment (toggle)
Shift F6 Fur (toggle)
CTRL F6 Depth of Field (toggle)
F7 Specular (toggle)
Shift F7 Skin (toggle)
CTRL F7 Glow (toggle)
F8 Camera zoom in
Shift F8 Camera Zoom out
CTRL F8 Depth
F11 Wireframe, solid, ambient light, spot light
Esc then TAB Adds two extra items to the menu. Level Skip and Debug menu. The debug menu does have lots of options, but many of them will crash the game when used.
System Requirements
Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/2003 (Windows 95 and NT4.0 are not supported)
Pentium II MMX CPU (at least Pentium II at 400MHz MMX)
At least 32 MB RAM is strongly recommended, 64 MB or more preferred
1.5 MB free hard disk space (full installation)
Installed TRAOD (v42 or v49 patch recommended)
DirectX 7 or higher for playing FMVs (DirectX 9a or higher for running the game)

Copyright Information

TRAOD Startup Configuration Utility is 2003-2005 by Slobodan Ratkovic, All Rights Reserved. This program is released with NO WARRANTY and freely usable and distributable under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

It should have been included with TRAOD Startup Configuration Utility; if not, you may receive a copy by writing to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

Any trademarks mentioned here are the property of their owners. To the author's knowledge no trademark or patent infringement exists in this document or in the TRAOD Startup Configuration Utility distribution; any such infringement is purely unintentional.

Thanks To:
Goxxy ( for nice button icons.
tlr online ( for hosting the file.
Simulation ( for testing, suggestions, XPD demo files and one of Help file authors.
ELEN ( for complete cutscene names, level names and -padplayback switch.
SYS ( for translating the program to hungarian language and testing.
Nicky ( for translating the program to spanish and greek language.
TombCrow ( for translating the program to Chinese language (both Traditional and Simplified).
Mark for translating the program to Spanish language.
Rommie from for testing - And other people from for testing, useful tips and comments.
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