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[ March 24 2013 ]

Square Enix have published game-play statistics relating to achievements garnered in Tomb Raider. Among the numbers touted include the deaths of more than 5 million deer, 1.4 million crabs and a not-too-shabby total of 3.5 million tombs liberated.

"Watching gamers all around the world play the game you've been working hard on for many years is always going to be a nerve-racking experience. Thanks to a huge network of servers, genius programmers, and expert metric analysts, we have the tools needed to paint a picture of how people are playing our games." states Ben Bateman, Square Enix.

"On Tomb Raider's launch day we were on tenterhooks; staring at a giant monitor as the first few people jumped into the game and the live statistics appeared. And boy, was it like opening the floodgates! The stream of data came rushing in, and while the experts in our office were keeping an eye out for any problems, I instead enjoyed tracking some of the more interesting statistics."

Hop on over to the official Square Enix blog for more statistics on Tomb Raider.

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