Lara Croft receives star on Derby's Walk of Fame
[ 15 Sep 2019 ]
Lara Croft has received a star on Derby's Walk of Fame in recognition of creators Core Design.
Dark Horse unveils Tomb Raider Omnibus Volume 2 TPB
[ 11 Sep 2019 ]
Dark Horse has announced Tomb Raider Omnibus Volume 2 TPB penned to release in Jan 2020.
British filmmaker Ben Wheatley to direct Tomb Raider sequel
[ 04 Sep 2019 ]
British filmmaker Ben Wheatley is set to direct the Tomb Raider motion picture sequel.

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[ July 7th 2009 ]

Square Enix has confirmed newly acquired Eidos plc will be assimilated into the Square brand as Square Enix Europe, according to Square Enix Europe will be helmed by current Eidos CEO Phil Rogers and will combine sales and marketing to create "one efficient and powerful structure for game publishing."

"Unfortunately we are expecting some jobs to be impacted directly by this in both Europe and North America," read a statement from the company. "We are hoping to minimise this wherever possible and offer support and advice to any employees directly affected."

This latest move appears to rescind a previous statement that Eidos would continue to be the brand identity for the business shortly after a 84 million acquisition by Square.

However, reports that although the Eidos brand will no longer be associated with publishing, it will remain attached to various development studios.

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