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[ January 24th 2008 ]

Tomb Raider: Extended Play is a collection of music from the entire Tomb Raider series. Our 'Lite' portfolio features a hand-picked selection of music composed by some of today's most prolific musicians including Troels Folmann, Nathan McCree and London Symphony Orchestra.

For those who want it all, our 'Extended Play' portfolio makes up the largest collection of Tomb Raider music online, courting more than 600 officially produced orchestral compositions from the entire Tomb Raider series.

Included for the first time is the complete Tomb Raider Anniversary soundtrack, featuring 38 beautifully scored compositions from BAFTA-award winning composer Troels Folmann in blistering 256kps MP3 quality.

Both 'Lite' and 'Extended Play' editions can be streamed live or downloaded for offline enjoyment. Follow the below referenced hyperlink to collect the spoils.

Tomb Raider: Extended Play

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