Jason Chester creates low poly classic Tomb Raider II scenes
[ 26 May 2020 ]
Homage to Lara Croft and classic Tomb Raider II in a collection of low poly digital 3D models.
Lara Croft outfits now available in Animal Crossing on Nintendo
[ 13 May 2020 ]
Square Enix has unveiled a series of Lara Croft outfits for Animal Crossing New Horizons.
Tomb Raider time limited giveaway from Square Enix
[ 20 Mar 2020 ]
Tomb Raider (2013) and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris are free to keep on Steam.

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[ November 21st 2006 ]

Funcom has released an update on the status of Age Of Conan, an Eidos-published upcoming Online Action RPG with a deep, story-driven single-player experience and a massive and brutal multiplayer end-game bringing forth the ultimate representation of the Age of Conan.

"As you all know Beta is a time of finalization and changes, and as we see it the changes are for the better as it's based on feedback from people actually playing the game. Like everywhere else in life change is unavoidable as no amount of planning, design documents or ceremonial sacrifices to the gods of game development will prevent your prized creation being subject to some alterations.

"As a developer you always know that it's coming, even if you don't admit it, and doing changes is almost like one of those 'unspoken truths' of development that designers like to pretend won't happen to them but is inevitable.

"Luckily in actual fact it isn't such an evil entity and the changes brought on aren't all about removing things, but more about reacting to the feedback we get and tweaking or improving the experience the player will have in the game."

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