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[ October 13th 2006 ]

Funcom announces the launch of Clan of Conan, the official fan club for the highly anticipated MMO game Age of Conan. Clan of Conan is a new initiative to reward those who follow the development of the game closely, and all who sign-up for the fan club will be given a secret and exclusive in-game item.

The secret virtual item will be rewarded in-game by King Conan himself, giving you a unique encounter with one of the world’s greatest fantasy heroes.

As a member of Clan of Conan you will also be updated through a monthly newsletter packed full of exclusive content such as screenshots, feature reveals, lore, information about locations, monsters, interviews, competitions and a closer look at the thriving community around the game.

Furthermore all members get a unique chance to enter special contests where they can win numerous Beta spots and other prizes!

"Nurturing our community and doing our very best to please those who follow our games has always been a key focus for Funcom, and with the launch of the community centered Clan of Conan we feel we are giving something unique, cool and exclusive to our fans," said Trond Arne Aas, CEO of Funcom.

"With the way Age of Conan is shaping up these days we feel certain it will become a fantastic gaming experience. If you want to see how it evolves for yourself there is no better way to do so than signing up for the Clan of Conan."

The first Clan of Conan newsletter is being sent out today, and will appear on a monthly basis. Those who are already signed up for the existing newsletter are automatically transferred to the Clan of Conan fan club.

More details on the official Age Of Conan web site.

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