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[ July 9th 2006 ]

Lara Croft - all action hero, international sex symbol and death-defying wonder kid. Ten Australian women recently battled it out to see if they could match the tenacious Lara Croft in FHM's Lara Croft Challenge.

In the end there was only one real life Lara Croft who scooped a brand new Jeep Wrangler as featured in The Cradle Of Life and starred in her very own FHM photo-shoot.

Jack from www.tombraiderforums.com has kindly provided us with the full 48 minute FHM Lara Croft Challenge as broadcast by FOX8. The HQ feature weighs in at 280Mb and is available to download from our web server. Enjoy!

FHM Lara Croft Challenge

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