Tomb Raider The Dark Angel Symphony is now streaming
[ 22 Feb 2020 ]
The Dark Angel Symphony is now available to listen to on all major streaming platforms.
Lara Croft skin coming to Rainbow Six Siege from Ubisoft
[ 18 Feb 2020 ]
Ubisoft has announced a Lara Croft skin for Rainbow Six Siege Ash as part of Operation Void Edge.
Tomb Raider sells 75M units worldwide reports Square Enix
[ 01 Feb 2020 ]
Tomb Raider has now sold 75M units worldwide, according to sales data from Square Enix.

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[ January 27th 2006 ]

Precision is key. Navigate to your location, line up your sights, take a deep breath, and then pull the trigger. When going up against what seems to be insurmountable odds the slightest miscalculation may result in the turning point of the battle.

Such is the pressure for sniper William Hawkins, one of the three members of the Elite Commandos Strike Force Team. To showcase his abilities we've updated the official website with some new assets including a brand new trailer!

Commandos Strike Force fuses both stealth and action gameplay, letting you strategize and execute your plans with a high degree of control. Experience World War II from an angle you have never seen before. Are you prepared?

Set your sights on, and head on over for the new goods.

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