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[ September 15th 2005 ]

Luxury apparel label St. John has announced today a partnership with Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. This new venture will position Angelina Jolie as both the face of St. John the brand, as well as the voice behind its newly formed charity created in support of children's issues and causes.

"Angelina Jolie embodies so many qualities of what St. John represents. She is strong, independent and dynamic. She's a mother, actress and a philanthropist," said Richard Cohen, CEO of St. John. "With this partnership we hope to mark another exciting step towards making St. John the ultimate American luxury brand. We are proud to have her on board."

St. John's new advertising campaign, to launch in Spring 2006 publications, will be shot by famed photographer Mario Testino, with creative direction David Lipman of Lipman agency which is spearheading in concert with Richard Cohen, St. John's repositioning in the luxury brand market. The ad campaign's creative direction will take inspiration from the company's native California and will evoke a mood synonymous with effortless, Hollywood glamour.

"Angelina Jolie truly represents what St. John is today and what it will be in the future," said David Lipman, Creative Director of Lipman. "Whether you see her on the red carpet, lobbying in Washington or with her children, she always exudes the elegance and classic glamour that is St. John."

"I am a working mother who has set goals to accomplish a lot in this world. I want my wardrobe to be beautiful, sexy and comfortable -- all at the same time. St. John is all of those things," said Angelina Jolie. "St. John has always been worn by strong and independent women who truly appreciate the quality that St. John offers. I am happy to be a part of that tradition and more importantly part of taking that tradition into the future."

St. John's partnership with Angelina Jolie will extend beyond just having her star in the ad campaigns. A philanthropic organization will be formed benefiting children's causes.

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