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[ December 29th 2000 ]

Top Cow Productions Inc announce the release of two paper adventures of Tomb Raider in the form of the continuing episodic adventure now at Issue #10 and a limited edition "Black and White" edition.

Tomb Raider #10 - Lara Croft, the hunter, has become the hunted as the mysterious and enigmatic Midnight Squires pursue her to the very ends of the earth to get their hands on the fabled eye of Shaherettin, an ancient orb that may hold the secret of creation itself! The odds are overwhelming and the stakes are higher than ever before!!!

Tomb Raider #1 / Classic B&W Edition - Top Cow brings you the next in the series of the Top Cow Black and White Editions. This is the first issue of "The Saga of the Medusa Mask" written by Dan Jurgens as well as the debut issue of Tomb Raider, filled with killer art by Andy Park and Jonathan Sibal in all it's glory.

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