Tomb Raider Reloaded microsite featuring artwork and game logo
[ 23 Nov 2020 ]
Our Tomb Raider Reloaded microsite is now online featuring artwork, game logo and teaser trailer.
Square Enix announces new mobile adventure Tomb Raider Reloaded
[ 23 Nov 2020 ]
Square Enix has announced Tomb Raider Reloaded, a free to play action arcade game.
Tomb Raider surpasses 81M units according to Square Enix
[ 06 Nov 2020 ]
Tomb Raider has now sold 81M units worldwide according to data from Square Enix.

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21.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - TOMB RAIDER COMIC BOOK ARTWORK LIVE

A collection of some of the best Tomb Raider comic-book artworks from many leading illustrators including Greg Horn and John Hughes are now available in our Lara Croft Pictures gallery.

Last Updated: Aug 15, 2006  

22.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - TOMB RAIDER COMIC TIES WITH TR7 LAUNCH

Top Cow Productions, in conjunction with Eidos, Ltd, is announcing that the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider comic book will wind down its first volume and relaunch in conjunction with the release of the 7th Tomb Raider video game in the summer of 2005. Top Cow is participating in the re-design of the new game. Top Cow plans to end the 1st volume with issue #50, written by Dan Slott (JLA, She-Hulk), shipping to comic book stores in January.

Last Updated: Jul 18, 2004  


Image Comics has announced upcoming paperback adventures starring Lara Croft penned to debut May 2004. Tomb Raider Issue 42, written by James Bonny, pencilled by Wilson Tortosa, coloured by Tyson Wengler, and cover by Adam Hughes, features 32 pages of action and sees our intrepid heroine scout through sand-stricken Australia bent on solving another murderous spree.

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2004  

24.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - NEW TOMB RAIDER COMIC FROM DYNAMIC

Writer Kevin McCarthy, writer and editor of the upcoming Kavalier and Clay comics, brings you a brand new Tomb Raider tale along with artist Joyce Chin. This DF Exclusive comic will feature a 50/50 alternate cover split with one cover featuring fantastic artwork by Joyce Chin. This issue also comes with a 50/50 variant cover by one of comics most respected artists - Howard Chaykin. 24 pages of story and art.

Last Updated: Nov 4, 2003  

25.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - TOP COW INC OFFER SIGNED LARA COMICS

Top Cow Inc., proud bastion of all things Tomb Raider paperback related, are offering readers a chance to purchase a collection of exclusive signed Tomb Raider comics for as little as $14.99! Tomb Raider 1/2 features a Dynamic Forces exclusive alternate cover by Andy Park, the prelude to the historic crossover. The Dynamic Forces edition also sports an exclusive cover by Mike Turner stamped with a signature from Dan Jurgens.

Last Updated: Oct 7, 2003  

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