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Due for release November 2000, the PC format of Tomb Raider Chronicles will include the highly acclaimed Tomb Raider level editor - as used to create previous Tomb Raider Adventures. The system will allow users to create and play their own unique Tomb Raider levels. Having received numerous requests for the release of the editor, Core Design has now decided to release all the tools and systems required for users to create levels in the same manner as the Tomb Raider team themselves.

Last Updated: Aug 21, 2000


Tomb Raider Chronicles features four of Lara Croft's previously untold exploits, each comprising a separate adventure offering brand new insights into her past. The game takes place only a few days after The Last Revelation, beginning at a memorial service for Lara - her body has not been found. After the service Jean Yves, Winston and the family Priest, Father Dunstan, retire to Croft Manor. As they collect their thoughts they reminisce about some of Lara's past adventures, each of which is introduced via FMV 'flashback' sequences. The locations for Chronicles' four adventures feature the city of Rome, a German U-boat, a small Irish Island and a hi-tech tower block.

Last Updated: Aug 21, 2000


The wrath of Horus hones in on Lara Croft, the ground beneath her rocks, unbalancing her, her stammered stance kicking up tiny whirlwinds of dust as fragments of small rocks rain down, a blizzard of dust, partially obscuring the safe path through the toppling pillars. Lara is running now, her heart beating it's way through her chest, the beads of sweat a torrid storm across her forehead, she launches herself over a spike-filled pit, eyeing through the corner of her blurred sight the fate that lay beneath her. Hurriedly, she scampers, leaves the pyramid as a myriad of explosions amplify around the open space she once stood in, support pillars continue their almost motionless glide to earth, ricocheting all around her, as a huge portion of the ragged ceiling, lined with stalactites, silently detaches itself from above and descends with evil certainty to the ground below.

Last Updated: Aug 18, 2000


Every good character starts life on the drawing board, where, in Lara's case, pain-staking detail is shaded into a character that explodes onto the gaming scene. These detailed shots illustrate the journey from board to bandwidth as Core Design begin their legendary transformation. The first image pictures an eerie mansion scene illuminated by a lightning bolt flickering down from the storm-filled skies.

Last Updated: Aug 10, 2000


The UK Playstation Magazine's August feature this month focuses on the fifth instalment from the phenomenally successful Tomb Raider series from Eidos Interactive and developed by CORE DESIGN aptly named Tomb Raider Chronicles. The scene begins with the funeral of our heroine Miss Lara Croft, feared consumed in the Temple Of Horus at the end of The Last Revelation (aka Tomb Raider 4). As Wilson and several other guests begin to reminisce of adventures entertaining Lara to the covenants of the globe, the story cuts to Rome, where, as Wilson narrates a particular favourite adventure, Lara assumes her role and the game begins.

Last Updated: Aug 6, 2000

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