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Does Lara really reveal all in Chronicles ?... Von Croy should know, because Lara will be revealing all during an encounter with his x-ray machine deep within his High Tech Tower complex, according to Decembers Official UK Playstation Magazine. Nice femur!

Last Updated: Nov 14, 2000


Berate the ills of consumer culture - and, indeed, society as a whole - as you will, but if you like Tomb Raider games, Chronicles is at worst an entertaining diversion. Five Tomb Raider games in as many years? Yep, it's a shambles. Indeed, the cynicism inherent in repackaging the same basic engine and gameplay tenets yet again deserves to be savaged by the genus of bedroom ghost that spills vociferous missives and seed in equal measure. The Tomb Raider series is a cash-cow, each release a - spit - 'product'. Insert your own tirades hereafter, to fade... You don't have to be an intellectual, embrace Taoist doctrine or cauterise your synapses, however, to appreciate a deeper truth: it doesn't matter! The politics of individual worth and creative merit are largely arbitrary points, because we're empowered to vote with our wallets.

Last Updated: Nov 12, 2000


Tomb Raider Chronicles reveals four newly discovered, and previously untold adventures, taking you on a journey from the ruins of Rome, to the bowels of a German U-boat, to the rooftops of a hi-tech city in a search of four ancient artifacts. In light of Lara's recent disappearance, those closest to her gather together at the Croft Estate on a gray, rainy day for a memorial service in her honor. Afterwards, the friends sit quietly together in the study of the Croft Mansion and provide new insights about Lara's past exploits; exploits that have until now remained a secret.

Last Updated: Nov 11, 2000


The Last Revelation has powered it's way to the top of the Japanese Top 30 video game chart expiring Jet Set Radio's short term at the top with 12,629 units being sold for Sony's Dreamcast week ending 7th November. Eidos Interactive's fourth Lara Croft adventure also features at number four on the Playstation chart with 23,843 units sold, weeks before the launch of Tomb Raider Chronicles, which sees a slight transition in the current direction of Tomb Raider games. Analysts predict that Chronicles, when finally released, with eclipse all major platform top standing entries within it's first week of sales.

Last Updated: Nov 11, 2000


Here's some of the outfits you can expect to see in Tomb Raider Chronicles...

Last Updated: Nov 1, 2000

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