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Born on June 04, 1975 in Los Angeles, CA, model turned actress Angelina Jolie has seen herself projected across the many theatre screens around the world. Enrolled at Lee Strasberg Theater Institute at the age of eleven and attending the New York University where she studied film, Jolie made her stage debut as a German dominatrix in Room Service even though as a child she wanted to become a funeral director.

Last Updated: Oct 3, 2000


Core Design has announced that the anticipated October release of their Tomb Raider Chronicles demo will be delayed until November while the team continue to work furiously on the full game. Regarding the demo, it looks like we may have to wait until November since the team are so busy cramming as much as possible into the actual game - they may not have time for a demo until the game code is complete. said Susie Hamilton, Core Designs PR officer.

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2000


While the marriage of Eidos Interactive and the movie release of Tomb Raider could see as much as $200m in advertising benefit the release of Chronicles and the future release of the series, PC Gamer asked Core boss Adrian Smith his companies angle on the movie. It's got quite a SciFi edge, he says, enthusiastic about what he's seen on set so far. The sets look awesome, and they've been pursuing the love interest like a dog with a bone.

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2000


Derby. Early August. It's been difficult locating Core Design's HQ because, as the cabbie puts it There's no sign on the door. He's not wrong. Presumably attempting to throw Lara obsessive (and believe me, these people do exist), off their scent, Core's building is discreetly tucked away in an anonymous industrial estate. Until you get past their reception, that is. And then it's six-foot statues of their money-spinning heroine, trophy cabinets, and the subtle but perceptible buzz of a young, dynamic company that's made millionaires of its founders. Naturally, the majority of this success is thanks to the vehicles for Lara Croft's third-person acrobatics - the Tomb Raider series of games.

Last Updated: Sep 15, 2000


Amid a whirlwind of rumour and speculation about the direction of the Tomb Raider series following on from Chronicles, Core Design's Adrian Smith, fresh from his first interview on Chronicles, is back talking to GameSpot UK about Next Generation, the rebirth of Lara Croft and gameplay as we have never seen it. The Last Revelation, aka Tomb Raider 4, sees Lara entrapped in the Temple Of Horus, twiddling her thumbs while millions of fans around the world become embroiled in the flashback adventures of Chronicles, giving Core Design a clean sheet for the creation of the Next Generation of Tomb Raider. The last thing we want in Tomb Raider Next Gen is Lara Croft standing up outside a tomb. comments Smith.

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2000

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