Valentine's Day animated Lara Croft artwork by aimee
[ 09 Feb 2021 ]
Super cool series of animated classic Lara Croft artworks to celebrate Valentine's Day.
Brenoch Adams reimagines Tomb Raider box artwork
[ 01 Feb 2021 ]
Franchise Art Director Brenoch Adams has produced a stunning Tomb Raider box art reimagining.
Square Enix launches official Tomb Raider 25 web site
[ 01 Feb 2021 ]
Square Enix have mobilised a brand new web site to mark the beginning of Tomb Raider 25.

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216.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - COMMANDOS 2 TO ASSAULT X-BOX

Despite assertions to the contrary, London based publishers Eidos Interactive looks set to release Hitman 2 and Commandos 2 on Microsoft’s upcoming X-BOX games console which is due to make its commercial debut next year, Console Wire reports today. Jacob Anderson, Hitman II's lead designer, revealed during a recent interview: On the Xbox and PlayStation 2, you still control Hitman in the third-person, because that's the best solution when you use a game pad.

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2001  


Aint It Cool News scores an exclusive report from Moriarty who recently witnessed cutting room footage from Paramount Pictures upcoming Tomb Raider movie:

Last Updated: May 22, 2001  

218.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - TOMB RAIDER COMIC CAPERS

Although it is still not announced if Top Cow will publish an adaptation of the Tomb Raider movie, the company has announced its Tomb Raider comics plans in months previous to the June 15 release of the film starring Angelina Jolie. Here's a rundown:

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2001  

219.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - EIDOS AD CAMGAIGN BANNED

Eidos Interactive's advertising campaign for Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix was dealt a decisive blow today after artwork promoting their latest Playstation title was banned.

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2001  

220.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - JOLIE REFUSES STUNT BOTTOM

Angelina Jolie has reportedly refused a bottom stunt double because of an objection to a tattoo depicting husband Billy Bob Thornton which currently adorns her rear, asking makeup artists to work at camouflaging the offending artwork. Paramount Pictures Tomb Raider is in final stages of completion before painstaking months of VT work begins sowing together the final masterpiece which releases June 15th. The official trailer premiered last Friday, and is due to be seen in cinemas this coming Christmas, with some U.S. cinemas already taking the lead.

Last Updated: Dec 13, 2000  

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