Valentine's Day animated Lara Croft artwork by aimee
[ 09 Feb 2021 ]
Super cool series of animated classic Lara Croft artworks to celebrate Valentine's Day.
Brenoch Adams reimagines Tomb Raider box artwork
[ 01 Feb 2021 ]
Franchise Art Director Brenoch Adams has produced a stunning Tomb Raider box art reimagining.
Square Enix launches official Tomb Raider 25 web site
[ 01 Feb 2021 ]
Square Enix have mobilised a brand new web site to mark the beginning of Tomb Raider 25.

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A minor update has been performed on our massive Lara Croft Pictures library to include four new artworks from Tomb Raider iDVD. Our truly behemoth gallery now contains exclusive polygon-rich artworks and renders from all Tomb Raider episodes, combining to make the biggest collection of official Lara Croft pictures presently online.

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2006  

157.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - THE LAST REVELATION MEDIA OVERHAUL

British aristocrat Lara Croft will soon be anointed as the indisputable queen of adventure video-gaming with the upcoming announcement of a special Tomb Raider Anniversary adventure to celebrate 10 years in search of long-lost artifacts and hidden mysteries.

Last Updated: Oct 22, 2006  

158.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - NEW RESERVOIR DOGS MEDIA RELEASES

Eidos has released a veritable collection of media to herald the upcoming release of Reservoir Dogs across North America. Taking centre stage this week is a brand new video-game trailer, some stylish conceptual artwork and a new collection of PS2 screenshots to whet your appetite.

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2006  

159.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - NEW TOMB RAIDER iDVD RENDERS ONLINE

With just under a month until the European release of Tomb Raider The Action Adventure, it's time we fed our readers some more exclusive eye-candy from the upcoming promotional campaign to launch the product.

Last Updated: Oct 7, 2006  

160.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - TOMB RAIDER THE RECKONING ARTWORKS

Nine exclusive new screenshots and conceptual artwork showcasing action from Tomb Raider The Reckoning, Developed by Dundee-based Denki, Tomb Raider The Reckoning is live only in Canada through Bell ExpressVu interactive TV.

Last Updated: Oct 6, 2006  

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