Lara Croft skin coming to Rainbow Six Siege from Ubisoft
[ 18 Feb 2020 ]
Ubisoft has announced a Lara Croft skin for Rainbow Six Siege Ash as part of Operation Void Edge.
Tomb Raider sells 75M units worldwide reports Square Enix
[ 01 Feb 2020 ]
Tomb Raider has now sold 75M units worldwide, according to sales data from Square Enix.
New Tomb Raider inspired music from Dean Kopri
[ 27 Jan 2020 ]
Dean Kopri has sent over 20 new and remastered songs inspired by Tomb Raider.

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51.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - NEW TOMB RAIDER VIDEO WALKTHROUGH

Crystal Dynamics have released an eleven-minute video walkthrough from Tomb Raider. The game-play footage features Lara Croft escaping from a monastery and showcases combat and stealth techniques required to survive on a hostile island.

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2013  

52.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - NEW VISUAL WORKS LARA CROFT RENDER

Crystal Dynamics have released a new screenshot and model render of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. The screenshot depicts a parachute action scene involving our fearless British heroine and the render is a 360 degree snapshot of Lara Croft produced by Visual Works. Both assets are available here.

Last Updated: Feb 11, 2013  

53.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - TOMB RAIDER MUSIC BY JASON GRAVES

Dive into the sound of Tomb Raider courtesy of Academy Award-winning (BAFTA) composer Jason Grave. Tomb Raider music from all four game trailers is available to listen via Sound Cloud. Follow the fetching orange hyperlink to immerse yourself in the sound of Tomb Raider.

Last Updated: Feb 8, 2013  

54.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - LARA CROFT AND ROTH RENDER RELEASED

Friday Goodness continues with a stunning render of Lara Croft and Roth. Weighing in at 4,662.14 KB (4,774,029 bytes) and 1,925 px x 2,481 px, the image can be collected from our Tomb Raider microsite by following the fetching orange hyperlink.

Last Updated: Feb 8, 2013  

55.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - GUIDE TO SURVIVAL EPISODE 2 RELEASED

Crystal Dynamics have rolled out a new video showcasing Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. The Guide to Survival Episode 2 includes game-play footage and a look at how Lara will survive the harsh environment of an island that's become her home. The video is PEGI rated 18 and can be downloaded in 720p from the following fetching orange hyperlink.

Last Updated: Feb 8, 2013  

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