Shadow of the Tomb Raider rejoins NVIDIA GeForce NOW service
[ 22 Jun 2020 ]
Shadow of the Tomb Raider has rejoined NVIDIA GeForce NOW alongside 14 Square Enix games.
Jason Chester creates low poly classic Tomb Raider II scenes
[ 26 May 2020 ]
Homage to Lara Croft and classic Tomb Raider II in a collection of low poly digital 3D models.
Lara Croft outfits now available in Animal Crossing on Nintendo
[ 13 May 2020 ]
Square Enix has unveiled a series of Lara Croft outfits for Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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291.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - RANDY GREEN TO PEN WHITE QUEEN COMIC

Following his acquisition by Top Cow to illustrate the Tomb Raider comic book series with John Reiber and Andy Parks, Randy Green has confirmed he will also be drawing a four-issue X-men White Queen mini-series for Marvel Comics, Comics Continuum reports today.

Last Updated: Mar 1, 2002  

292.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - HERDY GERDY MAKES COMMERCIAL DEBUT

Eidos Interactive has announced the launch of Herdy Gerdy, anticipated by the specialist media as one of 2002's most significant PS2 releases. Gerdy, an apprentice herder, embarks on an epic quest to revive his father from an evil spell.

Last Updated: Feb 28, 2002  

293.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - U2 ELEVATE GRAMMY'S WITH FOUR GONGS

Alicia Keys, U2 and the soundtrack to O Brother, Where Art Thou? dominated the pop music world in 2001, and Grammy voters managed to split the ballot, rewarding Keys with five awards, U2 with four and, depending on how you count it, O Brother with as many as six, Variety Magazine reports today.

Last Updated: Feb 28, 2002  

294.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - URGENT NEED TO SAVE DIGITAL HERITAGE

The digital age may only just have dawned, but last night a group of eminent institutions issued a warning that large swaths of the nation's digital heritage risk being lost for ever without urgent action to preserve them. While the average website or email would hardly qualify to be described as vital cultural artefacts, electronic information and communications are now so vital to every aspect of daily life that future generations could find an enormous black hole in Britain's collective memory if important digital material is allowed to disappear, according to the Digital Preservation Coalition.

Last Updated: Feb 28, 2002  

295.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - TRC PROFILES - WHO IS GARY READING...?

Aore Design's newly acquired front man Gary Reading - appointed PR Manager following the departure of Susie Hamilton after her eight year tenure - stops by to talk to tombraiderchronicles dot com on life within the ranks of Derbyshire's famous game developers and the auspicious home of Lara Croft.

Last Updated: Feb 26, 2002  

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