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Richard Morton, official map designer for the new Tower Block levels in the new Tomb Raider game Chronicles describes himself as being not too happy after being told his team would be making another instalment of the hit series Tomb Raider having thought that two PSX adventures would suffice. Martin Gibbins, lead programmer to the project, is a little more blatant. Extremely p****ed off, if just for the fact that it was going to be another Tomb Raider. The Team before us did the first two and said we couldn't possibly do another one. So we've done another two, really stretched ourselves and to be told we've got to do another one was a nightmare.

Last Updated: Aug 13, 2000


Appleton's offspring, eight-year-old Rachel, will star as the computer game heroine in the 30 million movie, which is being shot in London's Pinewood studios and on location in Iceland and Cambodia. This will be Rachel's first acting role and she'll be starring alongside the acclaimed actor Leslie Phillips, who plays Lara's arch enemy Wilson.

Last Updated: Aug 10, 2000


Every good character starts life on the drawing board, where, in Lara's case, pain-staking detail is shaded into a character that explodes onto the gaming scene. These detailed shots illustrate the journey from board to bandwidth as Core Design begin their legendary transformation. The first image pictures an eerie mansion scene illuminated by a lightning bolt flickering down from the storm-filled skies.

Last Updated: Aug 10, 2000


Tomb Raider: Chronicles...Is she or isn't she. According to Core Design's Adrian Smith, she could wake up, have banged her head in the shower and it all would have been a horrible dream... mocking that infamous episode from the television soap Dallas. Adrian also comments during an interview in this months UK Playstation magazine of the deluge of email received from frantic Tomb Raider fans across the globe quizzing the company on whether their worldly adventurer Lara Croft was actually dead, having been consumed by the Temple of Horus at the close of the suggestively named The Last Revelation.

Last Updated: Aug 8, 2000


The 75-year-old star - best known as a ladies man in the Carry On and Doctor comedies - will play a treacherous ex-friend of the father of movie heroine Lara Croft. His character, Wilson, will join forces with villain Powell in the battle of wits against Croft, played by Oscar winner Angelina Jolie. A spokesman for Phillips said: Leslie has been cast in Tomb Raider and he's just started filming it this week at Pinewood. It's fantastic news, and he's delighted. He's an icon and he's doing a lot of very, very good work at the moment.

Last Updated: Aug 7, 2000

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