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The wrath of Horus hones in on Lara Croft, the ground beneath her rocks, unbalancing her, her stammered stance kicking up tiny whirlwinds of dust as fragments of small rocks rain down, a blizzard of dust, partially obscuring the safe path through the toppling pillars. Lara is running now, her heart beating it's way through her chest, the beads of sweat a torrid storm across her forehead, she launches herself over a spike-filled pit, eyeing through the corner of her blurred sight the fate that lay beneath her. Hurriedly, she scampers, leaves the pyramid as a myriad of explosions amplify around the open space she once stood in, support pillars continue their almost motionless glide to earth, ricocheting all around her, as a huge portion of the ragged ceiling, lined with stalactites, silently detaches itself from above and descends with evil certainty to the ground below.

Last Updated: Aug 18, 2000


Core design will be including the custom-written Chronicles Level Designer in the PC version of Tomb Raider: Chronicles, the fifth in the incredibly successful Tomb Raider series, which is due for release this November. According to a report published by the Croft Times, Core builds a unique level designer with each edition of Tomb Raider, and this time the publication of its Chronicles version means that the user can now fully customise the environment in which Lara performs in, as well as built new maps and create new adventures for Eidos Interactives most famous heroine.

Last Updated: Aug 15, 2000


Deep in the hidden surroundings harbouring Pinewood, the winds whistling through the undergrowth, the eerie sound of the night teasing the backbone of our intrepid witness, the Mantis lurks, eying with subtle accuracy the scene before him... I'm a student at the University of Greenwich here in swinging London and the film crew for the Tomb Raider flick have just moved in. (The Mummy 2 was filming here up to last week, but I missed most of what was going on with that one.)

Last Updated: Aug 15, 2000


British computer games maker Eidos Plc said it was still in talks that might lead to an offer for the company. French video games software maker Infogrames Entertainment said at the end of July that the British creator of cyber-heroine Lara Croft was in its sights but that the two parties were still far from final-stage negotiations. Eidos shares rose four percent on Tuesday's news to 430 pence, valuing it at approaching half a billion pounds. It first said it was in early-stage talks on June 20 and declined on Tuesday to say if Infogrames was involved. Other potential French suitors have circulated on the rumour mill.

Last Updated: Aug 15, 2000


Eidos Interactive, the Lara Croft video games company, gained 4 per cent after it said it is still in bid talks, although would not name any interested parties. Earlier this month, software giant Infogrammes said it was pressing ahead with plans to acquire UK computer games group Eidos. A deal expected to value the creator of virtual cyber-heroine Lara Croft at up to 700m ($1.06bn) had reached final stages earlier though it could still fall through over valuation and management issues. Other software groups, including Ubi Soft, Electronic Arts and Microsoft have approached Eidos.

Last Updated: Aug 14, 2000

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