The Last Revelation signature artwork by Andy Park
[ 04 May 2021 ]
Andy Park has reimagined the signature artwork for Tomb Raider The Last Revelation.
Weta Workshop progress update on The Lost Valley statue
[ 06 Apr 2021 ]
Video update and new conceptual artwork showcasing progress on The Lost Valley statue.
Tomb Raider III signature artwork reimagined by Zeronis
[ 05 Apr 2021 ]
Tomb Raider 25 continues with the release of brand new reimagined Tomb Raider III signature art.

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86.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - NOVEMBER DATE FOR CHRONICLES DEMO

The delayed October release for Core's Chronicles demo should now be available around the final week of November, according to Core's Public Relations Officer Suzie Hamilton. Ironically, this is also the expected time the full version should be made available, but we reckon a December launch is now more likely.

Last Updated: Oct 22, 2000  

87.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - ANGELINA JOLIE OR NOT ANGELINA JOLIE?

Curious image of Angelina Jolie which allegedly came from the Brazilian Magazine Veja, although speculation about it's authenticity is providing much food for thought. The discrepancy is the absence of a tattoo which, during the 2000 Premier of Gone In 60 Seconds, was clearly visible on Angelina Jolie's arm. We'll let you call this one... Meanwhile the cast and crew are readying their equipment for the long haul to Cambodia where for most of November they will shoot in the famous religious Temples of Angkor Wat.

Last Updated: Oct 21, 2000  

88.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - CORE DESIGN BOSS TALKS TO GAMESPOT

Adrian Smith, the power behind UK based Core Design, talks to Gamespot UK about the upcoming Chronicles title from Eidos Interactive's Tomb Raider series. It's nothing we don't already know, you can read the interview HERE.

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2000  

89.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - ANGELINA DECKED WITH BODYGUARDS

Angelina Jolie, the star of Simon Wests action adventure movie Tomb Raider, wil be flanked by three bodyguards during her filming in Angkor Wat, which begins in November. An application has been made to Cambodian officials requesting permission that firearms be carried by bodyguards following a recent ban by the Ministry of Culture on the actual firing of weapons. Cambodian official Khieu Khanarith says, This is the first time we've had a request like this. We believe it's only a problem of procedure. After all prime ministers visit with armed bodyguards.

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2000  

90.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - ASTON MARTIN V12 VANQUISH

The sleek aluminum lines caging a beast of a 450 horse powered engine, and that's an understatement, could soon be adding a touch of class to the set of Tomb Raider as Angelina Jolie looks set to join British Secret Service agent 007 by jumping into the driving seat of Astons limited edition sports car. Aston Martin has finally revealed the V12 Vanquish. a machine refined beyond perfection with the engine's valve train lightened and stiffeneded, and a new air induction system developed to propell the 2 door carbon fibre beast from 0-60 in 4.7 seconds reaching an astonishing top speed of 190 miles per hour.

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2000  

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