The Angel Of Darkness Game Guide
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Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness


... Introduction

01 ... Parisian Backstreets (Training Level)
02 ... Derelict Apartment
03 ... Industrial Rooftops
04 ... Margot Carvier’s Apartment
05 ... Parisian Ghetto (Part One)
06 ... Café Metro
07 ... Graveyard
08 ... Bouchard’s Hideout
09 ... Rennes’ Pawnshop

10 ... Louvre Storm Drain
11 ... Louvre Galleries
12 ... Archeological Dig
13 ... Tomb Of The Ancients (Part One)
14 ... Hall Of Seasons
15 ... ... The Breath of Hades
16 ... ... The Sanctuary Of The Flame
17 ... ... Wrath Of The Beast
18 ... ... Neptune’s Hall

19 ... Tomb Of Ancients (Part Two)
20 ... Archeological Dig
21 ... Galleries Under Siege
22 ... Von Croy’s Apartment
23 ... The Monstrum Crime Scene (Part One)
24 ... Strahov Fortress
25 ... End Of The Strahov Fortress (Part One)
26 ... Bio Research Facility (Part One)
27 ... Bio Research Facility (Part Two)

28 ... Bio Research Facility (Part Three)
29 ... Bio Research Facility (Part Four)
30 ... Sanitarium
31 ... Maximum Containment Area
32 ... Aquatic Research Center
33 ... Vault Of Trophies
34 ... Boaz
35 ... The Lost Domain
36 ... Eckhardt’s lab
37 ... Eckhardt (The End)

... Need help?





You should now be in another atrium like area. A cut scene will play that shows a life like tree pulling the doors shut.

Go down the ladder. By the tree is a pipe with what looks like two vents that are closed. We want to turn on the steam to We are off to look for a place to turn on the vents. There is some ammo underneath the platform opposite the tree and double doors. Go up the stairs. You will see a lever to your right that is inoperable. In the back of the room are a set of valves. Above the valves are symbols. To the left of the valves is a small table. Push that away. You will see drawings on the wall. One of these drawings is the key to the valve puzzle. As with all TR puzzles, look for the one that is different than all the rest. (The one with the red X over it. Turn the valves to 1, 2, and 4) and then go and pull the lever. A cut scene will play showing the gas that kills the tree. Run down and out the door that is now released.


We are now in another atrium room. Cut scene showed a dead man and guards at the different levels. Enter the room. Look to the left. There are a series of platforms to the left. There are five levels. A bad guy will come around looking for you. You can either sneak up behind him to break his neck or shoot him. He leaves behind a passcard. Go to the second level. You will see a ladder leading up to a series of platforms. Get up on the platform and go to the left. There is another set of stairs leading to the third level. At the top of the third level is a blue door. Straight ahead is a series of square platforms. Jump straight. Look down and to the left. Jump to that platform and then to the square platform in front of you. Look up and to the left. There is a break in the railing. Do a jump and grab move. (you may want to wait until the patrolling guard patrols away from you before you jump). He doesn’t leave you anything. Turn to the left and run toward the circular area. Run Lara to the ledge. She will say that she doesn’t have enough power to make it across the ledge. There is a bridge that runs across the room. You will see the blue door. You can open it now. Run to the end of the room (opposite the blue door and turn left.

Doing a run, jump and hang, jump across the platform to the other side. Lara gains strength and can now make it across the other ledge. Return to the circular area with the broken ledge. Jump across. Follow the platform to the steps and run to the end. There is a vine covered pipe. Climb vertical and then to the right and pull yourself up. A cut scene will appear. Lara crouches down and sees the guy from the Garden – Muller. He and Eckhardt talk about the power down. Boaz, a scientist comes out and say that she didn’t destroy the Proto Nephilim. She comments that you must use the shard to kill the Proto. A scary spider thing comes down and eats Boaz. She calls it the pod – not the pod, she cries out. Ick.

Run forward and you see the dead guy in the cut scene from when you first appeared. He has a passcode too. You need to get to the second level of platform attached to the round building. We did this by going to the end of the ruined platform and running, jumping and grabbing. Kill the guard. Pick up his passcard. You should have three passcards now. Look for the ladder that you climbed. Behind the ladder is a pathway that leads to the left. There is an area for you three passcards.

The door will open. Enter it. Go down the stairs. Go underneath the platform and run on the right side. You will drop into an opening full of water. Swim down and to the right. Exit the water. In the far left corner is a small box. Pull it underneath an opening in the platform. Climb up and look through the lockers. You will get health pills in the first and bandages in the last. The door is jammed. Leave. Go back on the top of the platform and run to the end. Enter the small room. Push another button and exit. To the left is an identical room to the left. Enter it. A cut scene plays. Kurt has trapped Lara in the room. He says that she has made quite a mess of things. Kurt is going to go turn the power back on. Lara is a tad upset.


Cue The Sanitarium and Kurtis. You need to get to the bottom of this room. It is an easy puzzle.

Walk to the right and drop down one level. Walk around to the right. Pick up ammo. Jump across to a platform above a ladder. Take the ladder down. Facing the center of the room, walk to the left and the end of the platform. Jump and grab for the platform across from you. Walk around to the other side and drop down. Walk around to the other side and drop down. Go to the circular part and drop down. Open the trap door. Exit the elevator and turn to the left. Go down the ladder. Move to the other ladder and go down.

Face toward the elevator unit and jump across and grab the ledge. Go through the door. Inside is the mummy or insane person. He is fairly easy to kill. Go through the caged area. There is a dead guy. You will see a cut scene showing a soldier being dragged away and through a vent. There is another mummy person to kill. Go to the right and at the end of the hallway is a room with a prisoner that is still alive. Kurtis talks to him. The prisoner tells Kurtis that Proto’s on the loose. Black Angel is going to kill them. Boaz kept these prisoners alive to feed to her pet, the Screamer. Proto. Exit and go to the door. Kurtis uses his farsee ability. He sees through the rooms and vents until he spies a passcode on a desk. 06289.

Enter the room. Head for the mummy. Kill him and then enter the gated area. Continue forward to another gated area and a mummy. Go through the white doors at the end of the hall. Kill another mummy. In the door to the left is another mummy. Kill him to pick up a health bar. Continue down the hall. There is a mummy. Kill the mummy. The orange guy does nothing. Continue around the hall to the white doors. Go through the white doors and up the stairs. Inside this lab room is ammo and a dead scientist. There is a passcard laying by the scientist. Exit through the white doors again. Go back to the large room. There are doors opposite of the large room. Face the door. You will see a 5 digit number. 38471. Face the large room again. On the far right hand side toward the back is a door. Use the passcard. There is a room to the right but you can avoid it. Go upstairs.

At the end of the hall is a large health pack. Go forward and to the left. Jump across. Enter the keycode. The doors across from the large room open. Return to the first floor and go through the doors. You should be in a hallway looking into a lab room. Run to the right and a cut scene will play. It shows a cadaver cut open and a scientist sitting at a desk. You then see the Proto hiding in a vent. He drops down out of the vent. The scientist tries to run away but the Proto gets it. Cut scene stops and mummy comes toward you. Kill him.

Go to the end of the hall and through the open doors. At the end of the hall there is a vent to the right of the double doors. Pull the vent cover off and enter. Climb through. Stand up and to the left above you is another vent shaft. Jump up and it will take you to the lab. Drop down. Find the vent on the wall near the floor at the opposite end of the room. It is by a waste basket. Climb in and jump up into another vent shaft. A cut scene shows the Proto feeding on a guard. Ick.

Jump Kurtis down. Shoot the gas tanks that are close the fan. One will explode and it will knock the ladder off. Climb onto the platform and flip the switch to turn the fan off. Climb through to the other side. Crawl through the vent to th left. You are now in a hallway. Go to the right and through the open doors.


Kurtis is a pretty tedious guy (is that okay to say without being disloyal?). There are no real puzzles. You just need to get passcards. It only takes time to get through these levels.

You should now be in the Maximum Containment Area. A cut scene plays that shows the area. Go forward. Go through the gated door to the right and not the green door. Push through the doors. Go to the right. The door opposite a testing room has a little golden look through window. He uses the Farsee power again to find a code: 17068. Go back to the room with green door. Enter the room and enter the keycode. Return to this cell door. The soldier inside has a passcard and ammo. There is also a health bar. A mummy will come in. Kill him. Take a left outside the door. Use the passcard.

Go forward and to the cell on the right. There is ammo in there. Exit. Turn left and go down a ramp to double doors. Walk forward through the doorway. Two mummies with claws come after you. Go right. There are lab doors to the right. The Proto will run out and go down and kill a guard situated behind a half door. Exit the lab. Turn left and run to the end of the hall. Turn right to the end of the hall. Go under the steel half door. Follow the hall to the circular stairs. Take those to the bottom. Turn down the hall to the right. Follow the hallway to a steel door. Go forward and through the door to your left. You should be in a circular stone room in which the Proto was contained. Turn to the right and run to the ladder. Go up the ladder. Walk around to the bridge that connects to the hanging cage. Jump up on the cage. You should see a ledge that is close enough to jump to. Jump and grab it. Walk around to a break in the ledge. Jump across. Walk down and look up to your right. There is a vent above you. Jump up and grab the ledge. Climb in. Drop down. Crawl into the vent. Follow the vent to the right. Turn left. Turn right. (just a note here. Kurtis walks like has suffered some terrible injury to his right leg. Also did you notice that the ammo sparkles red and the health bars sparkle green?). Get onto the ladder at the end of the vent and climb up. Get the passcard. Pick up the health bar and exit. Go down the hall and make two lefts. Use the passcard.

A cut scene appears. Kurtis uses his special powers to close the door behind him, but it is apparent that the Proto is coming through the vent system. Time to kill the Proto. Boaz would be so distressed if she hadn’t already been consumed by the Pod. In this room there is a health pack and ammo. Shoot Proto by aiming and moving backward simultaneously. We think that you have to go 6 or 7 rounds with him. After seven rounds, we went up to his body and pressed triangle. Kurtis pulls out his special shard and kills Proto. Proto really wasn’t difficult to kill.

Flip the power switch. A cut scene shows Kurtis entering a room. Lara is hanging from the ceiling. She drops down on top of Kurtis. Kurtis and Lara chat about Eckhardt, the Lux Veritatas Lara feels Kurtis up. They make a plan to work together. Kurtis is going to find the last shard and Lara is going after the painting. Eckhardt knows that they are coming. They are going to allow Lara to get the painting.


There are machine guns on the floor of the room. You need to get to the opposite side of the room. Drop down to the left of the stairs. Immediately duck down and use the commando crawl to the left. There is a small passthrough. Follow that tunnel through to an area behind some boxes that has a valve. This releases gas into the air. The gas must disguise Lara so that the turrets on the floor do not see her. Crawl out. Run toward the opposite side of the room. Behind one of the turrets to the left is a vertical pipe. Climb up, across and up again to a ledge. Drop onto the ledge. Follow the hall around. Push the button. It is a security camera. Notice there are turrets on the floor and a sign with an arrow that points to the right and a blinking light.

Enter the room. You will note that this is the room that you can see via the camera except the camera’s view is from the opposite direction. You want to get past the turrets to the door on the opposite side. Walk forward to about half way down the room. You can get an exact placement by doing a commando crawl toward the turrets. When the turrets start shooting, back up a bit and stand up. Pick out a gun. We chose the Scorpion. Lara should aim at the blinking light. Shoot a few times and it will explode. Boxes will prevent the turrets from shooting at you. Go to the end of the hall and pass through the door. Go up the ladder. Follow the hall around to the left. Go up the stairs and through the double doors. A cut scene will play that shows the control panel.

There seems to be a bug here because Lara has no life. We had to give her a full med park before starting. Talking to Kurtis must have sucked all her life out. Go to the left and down the stairs. There is a green sign with blinking lights. At the green sign, turn to your left and follow the platform around to a doorway with yellow and black markings. There is another small platform with boxes on it in this area. Jump in the water. The caged fence will prevent the water beastie from eating you. Jump in and swim away from the fence toward an opening. The metal rods are broken. Turn left and swim down a hall to switch. Turn back around and head for the stairs. Follow the yellow and black doorways. Go straight up. Go through the yellow and black doorway and then up again. It will take you to a large opening with yellow and black markings. Get out of the water and into the room. There is a small med pack to your left around the railing. Go through the hallway and you will find yourself back to where you started before jumping into the water.

Go directly opposite to the end of the hallway with yellow and black markings. Push the yellow button. Run down the left side of the room. There is a camera. It shows a picture of a room with gas leaking from pipes. Run down the right side of the hallway and push a button. Go through the open doors to the elevator. Turn and face toward the opening of the elevator and push the button on your right. Exit the elevator. There is a button to the right of the door that you can push to bring the elevator down.

Enter the room. Walk forward and drop down. Go through the doors. Walk to the end of the hall and pull a big lever. You should see a control panel that matches the one you saw when you first entered. It will show all the green lines lit up. Go back into the elevator and take it up. We noticed in the cut scene that there was an opening in the top of the elevator but we were never able to grab the edge despite spending almost 15 minutes attempting this. It is moments like these that my mind often turns to divorce.

Exit. Turn to the right and go up the stairs to the top level of the platforms. . You should see a large stone container in an open metal cage. Pull the container onto the small blue square that is at the end of a line. There are two yellow buttons on the side opposite of the room on the platforms. The buttons push the container away from it. So push the button and the container will go down to the other end parallel to the room with the switch. Push the container into the room as far as it will go. Move to the end of the room and pull the switch. This drops food into the container. Pull the container back onto the track. You will get a food upgrade here. Push the button and the container will go toward the hanging platform. Push the container onto the platform.

Go to the first level. Look directly across. There is another control room to your left. This control room is accessed via a ladder under a trap door. Go up the trap door and into the room. There are two security cameras in this room. The first security camera shows a lever on a stone block with a 2. The second security shows a lever on a stone block with a 1. Exit to the right. Follow the platform around and to your right you will see a pipe. You need to climb up the pipe until Lara won’t climb anymore and then go to your left. You will have just enough strength to drop down on the platform below you.

Push the button. A hanging platform will come across for you. Get on it and it will take you to the other side. Go through the doorway . To the left is a switch that will lower the food into the water.

Go back down the hall and to the doors on the left. Enter. Push the yellow button and get out your shotgun Tere is a guy who will shoot at you. To the right and left are small cubbyholes with control desks. There are cabinets flush with the wall to the right (if you are in the left unit) and to the left (if you are in the right unit). There is ammo in each of these cabinets. In front of you is a long glass unit that has another evil water beast in the making. There is another bug here. If you try to climb the housing of the evil water beastie on the front right side more than once (like three times), Lara will fall off and into a green oblivion. She does scream but never dies. You can do a side jump to get on the flat portion of the evil beastie containment unit but there doesn’t seem to be anything here.

Exit. Run down the hall to your right. At the end of the hall is a room with a large switch. You should recognize this as it was one of the rooms shown in the cut scene. Press the switch and a cut scene will play, lowering the container of food into the water. Dive into the water and look for the lever with No. 1 on it. Pull the lever. Swim forward toward the surface. There is a ladder. Climb the ladder and get out of the water. Run to the opposite end and dive in. There is an opening in the wall that has a No. 2. Go through the opening. A cut scene will play. Lara will put on a wet suit. She will also press a button. Water will fill the room. Look around for a big stone with a 2 on it. There is a lever below it. Pull the lever. A cut scene will play showing a 2 on a sextagon that turns and a part of the pool moves downward. Swim down into the water and out into the main pool area. Go to the center of the room and swim into the open area in the floor. Continue swimming downward. A cut scene will play showing "The Vault of Trophies."


Follow the hallway to the left. Go forward through spikes (swim up toward the top and right in front of the spikes. When the upper spikes retract, swim through) At the intersection, swim upward. There is just enough space to regain your breath. Straight toward the green lit area - current won’t let her through. If you are facing the green hall, go to the left. Continue around the hallway (two more lefts). You will come to another intersection. Swim upward and get air.

Continue straight. At the end is a hole in the hall to the left. Swim down. Turn right. Follow the wooden doorframes. If you go right, you will come out in a small cavern and pick up health and an aqua lung. Leave and swim to a T brace. Go forward past the T-brace. Go straight. Follow this path until you get to a brick wall. Lara will kick the wall in.

Swim to the center of the room and upward. You should see a patch in the wall that looks different – it is the outline of a portion of a brick wall. It is very similar to the brick wall that Lara kicked in to enter this room. Kick it and you will go into another area. If you swim in and upward, there will be breathing room. Read your notebook. It says “Rearrange the statues they are the key.” Swim back down out of the opening and down. There is a plaque that has the words that are in the notebook: Fratribus collates ianuate patent. Lara says “The brothers reunited see the gates thrown open.” (Assume that is what fratibus collates ianuate means?)

In any event, there are names on plaques behind each of the knights. Look to the plaque that had the saying on it. The plaque is actually on a book. The book holds the clue. There are two brothers or knights touching swords. Above them are the letters L and V. Look for the knights whose names start with L and V. Pull their chains. Cut scene appears. Blue lights flash from the swords. Swim upward. Another cut scene occurs. Lara swims up. She gets out and disrobes but decides she still needs her goggles. She is now in a cavern. Follow the path down to a crushing rock. Do a jump and run to get by the rock. There is a lever to the right. Pull it. Floating platforms appear. Jump to the platform that is straight ahead of you. Wait for the platforms in front of you to disappear. Walk to the edge and do a side jump onto a solid platform. (We did notice a ledge to the right and above us but decided not to try to go there). Three platforms appear. We jumped to the last one. Then jumped to the entrance of the cavern. Follow the cavern to a room. There are Knights in this room who want to kill you. Entice them to the right by the tapestry and then sprint to the opposite wall and pull lever. You will get a strength upgrade. Run to the left of the table (if your back is to the table) and pick up health in the cubby to the right of the table.

Sprint to the opposite end of the hall and to the left. There is a chain. Keep pulling it until the tapestry is totally out of the way. Jump up on the revealed portion of the wall and climb up and to the right. Grab a ledge and continue to go around to the right. Climb up and stand on the wooden platform. Turn and face the room. There is another metal platform in front of you. Jump across. Look up. You will see a metal scaffolding. Jump up the and grab hescaffolding. You will drop onto a platform and it will sink down. A cut scene shows a bookcase moving away from the wall. Grab the metal scaffolding again and return to the platform that you were on originally. Get down to the main floor. Run over to the table. To the right is a cubby hole with the Obscura Painting. Grab it and crawl through the fireplace. Walk forward to a small pool of water. Jump in. You should swim Down. To the left. Fo. Down, to left. Forward right. Dwon right. Left. Right. And up. (I think).

Cut scene. Eckhardt calls Lara an Amazon. They have been trouble getting the last Obscura Painting out. He has Kurtis and Kurtis looks hurt. Eckhardt demands the painting and so Lara throws Eckhardt the painting. Gunderson release Boaz. Eckhardt leaves Muller here and Boaz eats Muller. Kurtis gives Lara a boost onto the platform above him and tells her to get out of there. He'll take care of Boaz. Boaz runs after Kurtis. Time to kill Boaz. Stay tuned. We tried for an hour and were unsuccessful.


Killing Boaz was very difficult for us. We read that you had to use the square button to change targets (thanks Melonie Tomb Raider, Last Angel and everyone who posted re the square). What we did was stand to the side of Boaz and shoot her in the side until the pod lids opened. The front two were shot out automatically. We then continue to shoot her from the side (and not the front). We tapped the square button and it does seem to work but it may take many efforts. To make this level a bit easier, we saved after every pod lid that was shot off.

Cut scene. Kurtis says “That wasn’t so hard.” Kurtis is very coy. Boaz sheds her pod and flies out of her pod and for Kurtis. This is bad for us because we have no life and no health. But, we are able to shoot her until she is motionless. Go over to her lifeless body and press X. Kurtis shoots one shot and then turns his back to Boaz. Boaz, as any good villain, is not dead, but has enough life in her to get up and stab Kurtis through his chest. Kurtis lets his Churgai go and cuts off the head of Boaz leaving us to ponder why Kurtis didn’t use that weapon in the first place.


The game will load and the notebook icon appears. The notebook says to “Find Eckhardt’s old lab. We need the third Periapt Shard.”

Can go right or left. Go right. Walk carefully because at the end of the hall is a small hill so be prepared to press the jump button as you are sliding. We then walked backward to the middle section of this landing to jump forward. Don’t jump too far because the back of the platform is sloped downward. Once you are on this platform, move to the very back of it (away from the lever in front of you). Do a forward, jump and grab move. You will get a strength upgrade to your legs. Pull the lever. A cut scene appears showing the door that was to your left when you began jumping across. Turn around and to your left will be a wooden walkway. Talk that down to the health pack. Exit to your left and at the intersection and go to the left.

The next part is a timed event. You have a 11 seconds to get across to the other side. Pull the lever. Walk to edge. Lara says “My legs feel stronger now. I think I can make that jump.” Jump from this point to the platform in front of you. You need to run and jump straight across to the other side. We used the sprint and jump method because otherwise we found that we only made it far enough to grab the ledge rather than landing on top of it. Grabbing the ledge takes too much time. You may have to pause after the second jump to make sure you are in the right direction.

Follow the hallway to the inferno pit. Do a short hop to the platform below you (a short hop is L1 and the circle button). Jump to the left and take the ladder up to the platform. Climb up to the next level. The wooden bridge is broken in half. Lara easily jumps across. The view will show that the end of the bridge is slanted. You want to jump Lara to the small wooden platform that is above her and to the right. Slide down and press the jump and grab buttons. Pull up and there is a lever. Pull the lever and the flames above the two statues on either side of a stone doorway will go out. Drop off the platform to the stone platform below you. Jump to the base of the stairs and go up. A cut scene will play showing the doors being cut open with fire. Walk through the open door. (The door emblem has the head of a lion).


The end of the hallway is slanted but there is a small stone platform to the left. As you are sliding down, press jump to land on the platform. We then walked to the edge on the right and did a forward and jump past the last set of spikes. We may have lost a small amount of life doing this move. Follow the hallway down to a room. This is Eckhardt’s lab. To the left of the entrance is a switch. It pulls away the grate in the floor and raises up the second level wooden platform to the left. Go up the stairs to the left and behind the contraption and underneath it is a small medback. In the back left of the room is a table. On it is a vial of Purified Oxygen.

Return to the ladder that leads up two levels. We are on the third level of the room. Run around to the Obelisk and place the vial in it. There is a health pack on the timber if you would like it. In the back of the Obelisk is a break in the railing. Jump to the wooden timber, pull up and go to the left for your med back. You can go back to the ladder that brought you up to this level. Position Lara so that she is facing the ladder with her back to the cage. Do a backflip (circle and down with L analog stick). If the ladder is north, walk slightly to the west and a trap door will open. Jump down and grab the Alchemic Phial #2 (Purified Hydrogen). (notice that the puzzle items blink blue. Yes, it took nearly the whole game for me to figure this out. So, to sum up, red=ammo, green=health, blue=puzzle goodie).

The cage will start to move downward. Position Lara so that she is facing the edge of the cage and climb up and to the left and out on top of the cage. Walk to the wall that has the open cubbyhole. Jump up and lift yourself in. Grab the last Alchemist Phial #3 (Purified Salt). Exit the opening by climbing to the edge and holding down the R2 button and pressing the left analog stick forward. Climb up one of the walls and when you reach the top, do a backflip out of the opening.

A cut scene will appear showing water flowing through a channel in the middle of the room leading to the pool of water. Jump into the pool and at the bottom is the shard. Cut scene will play showing the gated doorway in the lab opening. Climb out of the water and go through the opening. Slide down the path to a door and open it. You are now in a cavern. Run across the floor. Lara now has sunglasses on. You see a cut scene where in Eckhardt puts the magic metallic symbols together to raise the Sleeper. He comments that Lara is still alive and that she is resilient. He is immortal and apparently steals body parts to create the Sleeper. You now have to kill Eckhardt.


Eckhardt traps Lara within an electrified circle of light. Defeating Eckhardt is fairly simple. Eckhardt tries to kill you with bursts of power: electricity and fire. To avoid this, simply get down into Lara’s commando position and crawl to the inner circle. Watch Eckhardt using your R2 and right analog stick. Eckhardt will create a pillar of blue light and three beasts. At this time, stand up and step slightly outside the inner circle, making sure that Lara is situated so that she isn’t in the path of the three beasts.

These three beasts will run to the center circle and form into Eckhardt. Wait until the fire, the red laser lines, or the electricity and the blue lines disappear and walk forward. You can be either to his front or his back. Wait about a 1 or 2 seconds while he is hunched over (and all the fire or lasers have completely disappeared) and then kick him once and a cut scene appears. Lara walks forward and stabs Eckhardt with a Periapt Shard. Eckhardt is raised up by the blue light and then appears on the outside of the electrified circle of light. Lay back down on the circle in the middle of the room and wait for the Eckhardt to make the beasts again.

Do this twice more and you will defeat Eckhardt.

A cut scene appears after the third time. Eckhardt staggers to one of the pillars. Lara runs over and pulls out the third shard to kill him. Suddenly, Gunderson appears behind her. Karel? Lara says. (He kind of looks like Gunderson). Eckhardt says “Kill her.” Lara pulls out her gun and points it at Gunderson. Gunderson turns and stabs Eckhardt in the forehead with the last shaft. It turns out that Gunderson isn’t really Gunderson at all but really a Nephilim. He invites Lara to be part of a benign new word. Karel tells Lara that he has been helping her all along in the form of various people including - gasp - Kurtis - gasp.

Karel holds out his hand to Lara and Lara sees a symbol on her hand. She has a flashback to Von Croy’s murder. Karel had killed Von Croy when Von Croy told him that it was too dangerous for him to locate the fifth painting. Von Croy then turns to Lara, lying on the floor, and says, Lara will be able to obtain the last painting. Karel turns back to Von Croy and kills him. He then painted symbols of blood on the wall.

Lara refuses Karel’s offer and Karel responds “stupid mortal. So be it.” He then engulfs himself in a green light and shoots green lasers at Lara. Run over to Eckhardt and pick up an object at his side. It is Eckhart’s Glove, a Glove of Immeasurabe Power, In the Right Hands.

On the back of the pillar to the left of Eckhardt (if you are standing facing Eckhardt) is a space where you put something in. We aren’t sure what she put in or whether it was just a switch. In any event, this action lowers the ladders on either side of the room. Run to one of those ladders and climb up to the second level. Beware of Karel because if his laser ball hits you, it will knock you off the ladders or off the edges of the platforms.

Wait near the ladder that goes up to the next level until Karel passes by the ladder and then start climbing up. At the top of the ladder go left. Run around until you find a ladder at the back of a pillar. Go around to your left again. There will be a platform to your right that juts out toward the Sleeper. Simply walk to the end of the platform or jump toward the Sleeper. You don’t need to be close. A cut scene will play showing Lara hanging onto the end of the Sleeper’s leg. She places the glove on his leg and swings her way to safety. A light shoots down from the Sleeper and pierces Karel. Lara runs away and the room erupts in an explosion of blue/white light.

A moment later, Lara staggers back to the middle of the room, holding her stomach (as if she was injured). She sees Kurtis’ blade laying in a pool of blood and picks it up. The blade then opens up and pulls Lara toward a doorway. She smiles slightly and walks into the darkness.

Here concludes the first episode in the brand new Tomb Raider trilogy starring Lara Croft.