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Up-to-the-minute Tomb Raider news from Lara Croft TV

[ Mar 20 ]

Stay up-to-date with breaking Tomb Raider news and media from Lara Croft TV.


Karl Stewart to leave Square Enix for Petrol agency

[ Mar 20 ]

Industry veteran Karl Stewart has announced he is leaving Square Enix.


Lightning Returns 'Tomb Raider DLC' launches February

[ Feb 06 ]

A collection of outfits and weapons from Tomb Raider heading to Lightning Returns.


Tomb Raider Definitive Edition launch goodness

[ Jan 28 ]

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition screenshots, exclusive artwork and launch trailer.

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Evolution Of Lara Croft
Evolution Of Lara Croft
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Evolution of Lara Croft plots the meteoric rise to fame of Lara Croft.
Evolution Of Lara Croft
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