Square Enix announces new Tomb Raider game in development
[ 07 Dec 2017 ]
New Tomb Raider game in development, will be officially revealed during an event in 2018.
Rise of the Tomb Raider 'Blood Ties' arrives on SteamVR
[ 06 Dec 2017 ]
Rise of the Tomb Raider 'Blood Ties' for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift arrives on SteamVR.
Tomb Raider franchise deals from Steam and console stores
[ 23 Nov 2017 ]
Steam is offering massive discounts of up to 86% off Tomb Raider franchise titles this week.

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To commemorate 10 years since the release of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, composer Peter Connelly has announced the release of the original Abbey Road Studios music mixes recorded by London Symphony Orchestra in 2002.

Date Published: Jul 18, 2012   Document Size: 7KB

17.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - GUARDIAN OF LIGHT OUT ON SONY XPERIA

Available for the first time on Android devices as part of a limited period exclusivity deal with Sony, the critically acclaimed LARA CROFT AND THE GUARDIAN OF LIGHT launches today for flagship devices, Xperia S and Xperia ion, as well as gaming smartphone, Xperia PLAY.

Date Published: Jul 17, 2012   Document Size: 8KB


Crystal Dynamics, a Square Enix studio, today announced award-winning games writer Rhianna Pratchett is the lead writer of Tomb Raider - the acclaimed origins story of Lara Croft, set for release March 5th 2013.

Date Published: Jul 12, 2012   Document Size: 9KB

19.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - THE FINAL HOURS OF TOMB RAIDER

Crystal Dynamics, a Square Enix studio, today announced that it will take fans behind the scenes for The Final Hours of Tomb Raider. The studio has partnered with video game journalist Geoff Keighley to produce an innovative new installment in his well-regarded Final Hours series, which will include both an App and for the first time, a documentary web series hosted by actor and gamer Zachary Levi.

Date Published: Jul 10, 2012   Document Size: 9KB

20.   Tomb Raider Chronicles - TOMB RAIDER SEQUEL IN DEVELOPMENT?

Crystal Dynamics Global Brand Director Karl Stewart has hinted further sequels to Tomb Raider may already be in production during an interview with VideoGamer.com. Tomb Raider is currently being developed by Crystal Dynamics and is slated for release March 2013.

Date Published: Jun 27, 2012   Document Size: 6KB

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